Uniquity Symposium on "What is Computation?"

Readers of the Pontiff might be interested in a series of articles coming out in the ACMs Ubiquity publication concerning the question: “What is Computation?” Over the next 15 weeks the following articles will come out on this subject including one by a jokester:

The following articles will appear on Ubiquity once a week, beginning in November 2010.
1. What is Computation? [opening statement], by Peter J. Denning
2. Evolution of Computation, by Peter Wegner
3. Computation is Symbol Manipulation, by John Conery
4. Computation is Process, by Dennis J. Frailey
5. Computing and Computation, by Paul Rosenbloom
6. Computation and Information, by Ruzena Bajcsy
7. Computation and Fundamental Physics, by Dave Bacon
8. The Enduring Legacy of the Turing Machine, by Lance Fortnow
9. Computation and Computational Thinking, by Al Aho
10. What is the Right Computational Abstraction for Continuous Scientific Problems? by Joseph Traub
11. Computation, Uncertainty, and Risk, by Jeffrey P. Buzen
12. Natural Computation, by Erol Gelenbe
13. Biological Computation, by Melanie Mitchell
14. Is the Symposium Question Harmful? by Peter Freeman
15. Wrapping it Up [closing statement], by Peter J. Denning

I suppose this is a paper dance of some sort, but I’m guessing its one with me dancing around saying “One of these kids is not like the others.”

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