Mobile Pontiff

I’ve just installed the WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin. This should give uses from mobile device a faster, smaller screen adapted version of this blog. I’ll bet one of the two readers of this blog have a smartphone, so please let me know if you have any problems with the mobile theme.

10 Replies to “Mobile Pontiff”

  1. Yes, I am still in that stage where I want to tell everybody I have an iPhone 4. I suspect it will last a little longer than with the typical gadget. And it doesn’t help that it is made for stroking either…
    Back to blog feedback, I noticed that you don’t have links to previous and next posts at the top (or anywhere) on the page of a blog post. I use these occasionally, so would it be possible to provide them?

  2. Oh come on. Even I have more than two readers. Modesty is one thing, but that’s like Ashton Kutcher saying he had only one or two followers on Twitter.

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