TQC 2009 Registration Open

Dear Colleagues,
Online registration is now open for the 4th Workshop on Theory of Quantum
Computation, Communication and Cryptography (Waterloo, May 11-13, 2009) at
the following website:
The deadline for early registration with a reduced registration fee is
March 29, 2009, which coincides with the deadline for booking
accommodation with guaranteed rate. Online registration will be closed
after May 3, 2009.
The program consists of invited talks, contributed talks, and poster
(1) Invited speakers include:
Masato Koashi (Osaka University)
John Preskill (Caltech)
Miklos Santha (Universit Paris Sud)
Graeme Smith (IBM Watson)
Stephanie Wehner (Caltech)
(2) Contribuited talks include:
* Salah Aly. “Asymmetric Quantum Cyclic Codes”
* Cedric Beny. “A necessary condition for approximate quantum error
* Jean-Christian Boileau and Joseph Renes. “Optimal State Merging
Without Decoupling”
* Earl Campbell and Dan Browne. “Neither magical nor classical?”
* Wim van Dam and Qingqing Yuan. “Quantum algorithm for Online Memory
* Demerson N. Gonalves, Renato Portugal and Carlos Magno Martins
Cosme. “Solutions to the Hidden Subgroup Problem on some Metacyclic
* Min-Hsiu Hsieh and Mark Wilde. “Optimal trading of classical
communication, quantum communication, and entanglement”
* Takeshi Koshiba and Takanori Odaira. “Statistically-Hiding Quantum
Bit Commitment from Approximable-Preimage-Size Quantum One-Way Function”
* Michael Nathanson. “Asymptotic state discrimination with LOCC”
* Miguel Navascus, Masaki Owari and Martin B. Plenio. “Entanglement
Theory Applied”
* Miguel Navascus, Masaki Owari and Martin B. Plenio. “On the power of
PPT constraint in the symmetric extension test of the separability
* Masaki Owari, Martin B. Plenio, Eugene S. Polzik, Alessio Serafini
and Michael M. Wolf. “Quantum benchmarks for the teleportation and storage
of squeezed states for noisy squeezed states”
* Stefano Pirandola, Samuel Braunstein and Seth Lloyd. “On the
security and degradability of Gaussian channels”
* Jon Tyson. “Two-sided estimates of minimum-error distinguishability
of mixed quantum states via generalized Holevo-Curlander bounds”
* James Wootton, Ville Lahtinen and Jiannis Pachos. “Universal quantum
computation with a non-abelian topological memory”
For further details, such as the workshop program, registration,
accommodation and transportation, please refer to the workshop website:
We look forward to seeing you in Waterloo.
TQC 2009 Organizing Committee

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