MIT Scores New Quantum Information Science Graduate Training Program

News from the other coast: MIT has won an IGERT to start an interdisciplinary graduate program in quantum information science. From the press release:

MIT has been awarded a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish a pioneering doctoral-study program in the growing field of quantum information science (QIS), which has evolved rapidly recently with a new influx of ideas from quantum physics and poses great potential in supercomputing.

Website up an running here.

Isaac Chuang sends me some info on the program. Note for undergraduates: looks like a summer program is being established.

A Brief Description of iQuISE
The Program
iQuISE is a novel graduate education research and training program in quantum information science and engineering that sits astride the doctoral programs of the five MIT departments with iQuISE faculty: Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Nuclear Science and Engineering. Graduate students in any of those departments are eligible to become iQuISE
Associates. The iQuISE program consists of:
* Course Q, a cohesive and complete doctoral study initiative in quantum information that is easily integrated into doctoral programs from any of the five departments with iQuISE faculty
* an interdisciplinary Fellowship of Quantum Information, supporting students’ study, research, cohort development, and internship opportunities
* QIS@MIT, a teaching and seminar program for building a strong quantum information community
* INQuIRE, an outreach program connecting our government and industrial partners and quantum information research, for students and the public
Join iQuISE
IQuISE is a new program, which is now in its ramp-up phase. If you are a prospective graduate student interested in quantum information science and engineering, please see the program web site,, and feel free to contact any of the iQuISE faculty listed there for more information. If you are interested in becoming an iQuISE Associate and are applying for admission to any department with iQuISE faculty, please state your interest in the iQuISE program on your application. If you are a third-year undergraduate student who would like to know more about quantum information as a possible field for graduate study, consider applying for the week-long summer program Quantum Information Science for Undergraduates (QuISU). See the QuISU web site,, for more information

2 Replies to “MIT Scores New Quantum Information Science Graduate Training Program”

  1. Good on MIT!
    Perhaps we can look forward to a day when every university offers PhDs degrees in Quantum System Engineering … this will no doubt be a halcyon era characterized by a 25-5-1 ratio of quantum system engineers-physicists-mathematicians.
    The reason being that today’s 0.1-5-1 ratio of engineers-physicists-mathematicians is intellectually and economically unsustainable … in the quantum domain or any other technological domain … isn’t that right?
    Kudos to MIT for understanding this! 🙂

  2. Hi Dave,
    Quantum information science a.k.a. quantum physics!
    Maybe Information Quantum Lost should be a better name for the new “department”.
    If you ski you make tracks and they can point you back where you started your ski-adventure, with the quanta particles you go on a adventure and you don’t know where you were coming from……

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