Blog Posts With Scientific Content

The new father, he of uncertain principles, has analyzed whether his science posts gain viewership over time. My biggest problem with writing scientific content into posts is that when I do that it totally messes up my google searching. I mean when I do that then I end up finding my own blog post when I search for something I’m trying ton understand. On the other hand, it saves a click because I can be pretty certain that the link to my blog doesn’t lead to the answer I’m looking for (or if it does it’s time to get my memory checked out.)

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  1. Custom google search will let you exclude domains… maybe .com/folders too. I tell myself that I’ll do this for those damned patent repositories. Those have helped more than anything to convince me that patents are a sham, and that those than can, do. Heaven help the poor PhD who goes through them looking to perform scientific espionage.

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