Count the Headlights on the Highway

Yep, it’s paper dance time. This one is less of a dance and more of a shuffle:

arXiv:0808.0174 (scirate)
Title: Simon’s Algorithm, Clebsch-Gordan Sieves, and Hidden Symmetries of Multiple Squares
Author: D. Bacon
Abstract: The first quantum algorithm to offer an exponential speedup (in the query complexity setting) over classical algorithms was Simon’s algorithm for identifying a hidden exclusive-or mask. Here we observe how part of Simon’s algorithm can be interpreted as a Clebsch-Gordan transform. Inspired by this we show how Clebsch-Gordan transforms can be used to efficiently find a hidden involution on the group G^n where G is the dihedral group of order eight (the group of symmetries of a square.) This problem previously admitted an efficient quantum algorithm but a connection to Clebsch-Gordan transforms had not been made. Our results provide further evidence for the usefulness of Clebsch-Gordan transform in quantum algorithm design.

Yet another step in my ever increasing quest to become a lone author lunatic (er, lunatic!) of quant-ph. Next step is obviously Microsoft Word only arXiv postings.
Bonus points for identifying the song, of course.

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5 Responses to Count the Headlights on the Highway

  1. Geordie says:

    tiny dancer. do my bonus points stack with my free beer?

  2. Ian Durham says:

    Sorry Dave, I’ve already got that title all wrapped up, thanks.

  3. Dave Bacon says:

    One beer owed to Geordie, check.
    Now take your protein pills and put your helmet on.

  4. Ian Durham says:

    Space Oddity. David Bowie. Figures the reigning LAL (lone author lunatic) would know this. And know the reigning LAL has it stuck in his head.

  5. Dave Bacon says:

    Sweet, Ian has also won a beer (I recommend Lagunitas IPA, but that’s just my personal bias.)
    No more convenience stores, Ian, say hello to stars.

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