Bat's Sizzling on an Open Fire

Last night we went to see the new Batman movie. After attempting to see it at Paul Allen’s Cinerama (it was sold out), we headed down to the standard mall theater in downtown Seattle to view said film. Verdit for me: meh.
But what I found interesting was thinking about the reason for why I didn’t much like the movie. This is obviously because I am not a bat nor a superhero nor a heroine nor do I live in Gotham. Plus the portrayal of Two Face just hit to close to home. See how easy it is, kids, to analyze movie reviews when you just take reviewers biases into account!
Monday’s are snarky, snark snark days.

2 Replies to “Bat's Sizzling on an Open Fire”

  1. Clearly you’re not getting the movie’s message which is that the only way to effectively fight crime is to let your fears spoil your parents’s night at the opera, ensure you exit into a dingy backstreet in a bad city instead of the main entrance, threaten crime lords, alienate your childhood sweetheart, wander aimlessly in Asia, get locked in a jail, have some bizarre new age militant guru spring you, find some matt-black body armor and cool gadgets, kill the guru and his followers, then roam around looking for other weirdos to fight.
    Seriously, how hard is that? 😉

  2. Close Ian. BUT you know a villain like Ras only seems to be killed. Especially in such a trifling accident as being at the wrong end of a monorail wagon that is dropping 20 meters to the ground while going at top speed.

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