7 Replies to “Why Living in Seattle Rocks”

  1. Queen Anne. That’s the view from Kerry park. I call it the tourist view because its where they often drop of tourists to take pictures. On nice days there are always photographers taking pictures in the morning.

  2. Yeah. That really is beautiful. That’s the space needle, isn’t it? I’ve heard there’s a restaurant in there or something.

  3. Lane: There is (or at least used to be) a restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. I’ve eaten there once.
    Dave: That’s the Magnolia neighborhood, right? I’m guessing that from the fact that Mt. Rainier is to the right of downtown–from Queen Anne Hill I’d expect Mt. Rainier to be to the left. (I have family in the Seattle area, but not in Magnolia or Queen Anne Hill. I’ve never lived there myself.)
    And yes, it is possible to get a better view. If you’re lucky enough to get a clear day in winter, you might be able to catch the sun rising behind Mt. Rainier. I got that view once through an airplane window during takeoff from Sea-Tac some years ago.

  4. Pity you missed showing us the best part.. the sea to the right of the picture. Someone give Mr Bacon another camera that can take in more of the view! 😉

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