Happenings in the Quantum World: Nov 13, 2007

Grad school opportunities, postdoc opportunities, interference experiments, more D-wave, and sabbatical at the Blackberry hole

  • Pawel Wocjan writes that he has positions open for graduate students in quantum computing:

    Ph.D. Position in Quantum Computing & Quantum Information with Dr. Pawel Wocjan, School of EECS, University of Central Florida (UCF), Orlando, in sunny Florida
    I am accepting applications for a Ph.D. position in Quantum Computing and Quantum Information starting in Fall 2008. You can learn more about my research and the research in quantum information science at UCF by going to my homepage http://www.eecs.ucf.edu/~wocjan. You should have a solid background in mathematics and preferably also in quantum computing and quantum information. The funding will come from my National Science Foundation grant “Novel Quantum Algorithms for Problems in Linear Algebra, Topology, and Group Theory” and also the School of EECS.
    All candidates have to apply to the School of EECS for a Ph.D. program. Important deadlines: pre-application: December 1, 2007; application: January 15, 2008; see http://graduate.cecs.ucf.edu/ for more details on the application process. Please contact me (Pawel) before applying formally.

  • Daniel Lidar writes that there is a postdoc position available at USC:

    The Center for Quantum Information Science & Technology (CQIST) at the University of Southern California is seeking applications for the CQIST Postdoctoral Fellowship. We are interested in theorists or experimenters with an excellent background and proven track record in quantum information science or related fields in physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, computer science, or mathematics. The successful applicant will work in collaboration with one or more of the Center members. More details on CQIST and its members can be found at
    http://cqist.usc.edu/. The CQIST fellowship carries an annual stipend of $50,000 plus benefits. To apply follow the instructions at http://cqist.usc.edu/students/post_doc_app.htm. The application deadline is 2/28/08. The start date is flexible but should be in Fall 2008.

  • Chad of Uncertain Principles has a nice post on a single electron interference experiment reported in Science here (Science 318, 949 (2007)) and explains why we should be gaga over COLTRIMS.
  • Another D-wave article on businesswire. The cool thing about claiming speedups for NP-complete problems is that your audience is includes, well, just about everyone:

    Users of the on-line service will come from government, military, academia, research, engineering, life sciences and the manufacturing, banking and insurance, according to Martin.

    Martin refers to Herb Martin, D-Wave’s CEO.

  • The great blackberry hole of the north, the Perimeter Institute is accepting applications for professors who want to go on sabbatical there. Here is a poster describing this opportunity, and this link will lead you to more info. Deadline is December 31, 2007 (and then you can go out and party.)

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