Spoon Bending Is Trivial for Quantum Kooks

I guess “trivial” is in the eye of the beholder (or the eye of the guy who doesn’t understand quantum theory):

I have always maintained there is no such thing is supernatural or paranormal. All observed phenomena, if accurate, are natural and normal. We call something supernatural or paranormal when we can’t explain it. Once we know the
explanation, its science. Before that it’s spooky. Everything I write about can be understood if you understand non locality and non local correlation and the inseparability of mind and matter as different expressions of consciousness. Let’s not waste any more time on spoon bending. For millions of people it’s now a trivial example of mind and matter as inseparably one.
Love and God bless!
P.S. Dear Skeptisch, please come to NY at your own expense and I will make sure you can experience spoon bending for yourself. If you can’t, or don’t want to do that, then stop talking over and over again about the same thing. It’s boring

I think “it’s boring” means something like “dude, stop cramping my book sales.” Thanks to hana for pointing me to this gem.

5 Replies to “Spoon Bending Is Trivial for Quantum Kooks”

  1. wow, deepak is deluded. have you seen his interview with richard dawkins in pt. 2 of “the enemies of reason”?

  2. Usually this kind of stuff annoys me, but for some reason I really like this one.
    He basically starts by using an argument that I use all the time on various internet forums, then he goes on to say that any Tom, Dick or Xenon* can bend a spoon (with their mind), and that it is a well understood science.
    (* I know a guy called Xenon… it’s a habit that stuck, ok?)
    Actually, after rereading what I’ve just written I’ve decided that it is true. That is, any Tom, Dick or Xenon _can_ bend a spoon with their minds. The mechanism is very well understood, and it typically involves an intermediate interaction between their hands and the spoon. Also, I can move objects at a distance – by throwing stuff at them.

  3. iirc, his interview with Dawkins was reasonable. His books and articles, though, are not. It would make me unbelievably happy for Chopra’s cred to be erased when Skeptisch accepts the challenge however.

  4. If the spoon he hands you originates from the same place as the content of his books, then don’t touch that thing because you *know* where it’s been.

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