Cool Image Resizing Technique


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  1. I’m not sure about that Travis. When browsing on the iPhone the whole page is loaded and then it is scaled, so there would be no speed or bandwidth penalty associated with this new method. I can also imagine that it would be very useful for smaller laptops.
    Vry cl.

  2. Very cool, but I’m not sure I see a near-term use for its realtime dynamic resizing features. Most devices with small displays (PDAs, iPhones, lesser cellphones, and old crappy computers) also have limited bandwidth, meaning that it would be preferable to detect the display size in advance, and send an already-scaled image, rather than waste bandwidth on sending pixels that won’t be displayed. This could be done entirely on the server side (with appropriate caching), without requiring any changes to browsers. The realtime resizing is mostly just eye-candy, at least for now. I suppose it could be useful in the future (where we all have flying cars and unlimited bandwidth) to do dynamically-resizable thumbnails.

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