Panama New Paper Dance

Paper dance. Delayed posting here about the paper dance because I did the paper dance in Bocas de Toro in Panama. “Panama! Panama ah ah ah! … Model citizen, zero discipline.” New paper, arXiv:0708.1221 (scirate here):

Title: Caching in matrix product algorithms
Authors: Gregory M. Crosswhite and Dave Bacon
Abstract: A new type of diagram is introduced for visualizing matrix product states which makes transparent a connection between matrix product states and complex weighted finite state automata. It is then shown how one can proceed in the opposite direction: writing an automata that “generates” an operator gives one an immediate matrix factorization of it. Matrix product factorizations are shown to have the advantage of reducing the cost of computing expectation values by facilitating caching of intermediate calculations. Finally, these techniques are generalized to the case of multiple dimensions

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