Dude, a Higs Boson?

Best quote from an article in the New York Times about the search for the Higgs boson:

Joe Lykken, a Fermilab theorist who said he first learned of the rumored bump the old-fashioned way, over lunch in the laboratory cafeteria, said: “Pre-blog, this sort of rumor would have circulated among perhaps a few dozen physicists. Now with blogs even string theorists who can’t spell Higgs became immediately aware of inside information about D Zero data.”

I’m also very jealous of Gordon Watts, a fellow University of Washington blogger:

In response, Gordon Watts, a physicist from the University of Washington and longtime member of the D Zero team, scolded Dr. Dorigo for speculating on rumors.
“Dude! If you get called by the press to comment on this rumor — you will be making secondhand comments on rumors!” Dr. Watts wrote on his blog, Life as a Physicist.

Why am I jealous? Because he just got quoted in the New York Times, the paper of record, as saying “Dude!” Dude that rocks.

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