GQI Newsletter Online

The latest newsletter for the APS topical group on Quantum Information, Concepts and Computation is now available here. But you knew that already because your a member, right?

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  1. And, in a titillating (I can say that here, right?) preview of the next issue, we’ll have an article on loopholes in quantum key distribution (QKD) and how to potentially plug them, plus a brief history of the laser. But we’re always looking for more articles (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)…

  2. Better check your electronic pigeon hole since we don’t send out paper copies (unless specifically requested). Just think of the trees we’ve saved…

  3. Hmm… I must have muddled my memories. I remember getting my the last issue, but that must have been electronicly. Maybe I’m mixing it up with something else.
    And now that I check my e-pidge there is indeed a GQI news letter.

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