They Built….a Brain!

The mystery of what exactly was built up north has been resolved. They built a brain:

Within Holistic Quantum Relativity lies the realm of the human mind and the observable universe running like Quantum Computers: this technological synthesis offers the possibility of solving what computer science calls “NP-complete” problems. Last week D-Wave Systems, a privately-held Canadian firm Headquartered near Vancouver, BC, demonstrated what it calls the world’s first commercially viable Quantum Computer at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. These are problems which are impossible or nearly impossible to calculate on a classical digital computer. Picking out a single pattern from a collection of patterns, such as one’s mother, father, or child, from a photo of people, is easy for the human mind, but beyond the reach of a conventional desk-top computer!

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3 Responses to They Built….a Brain!

  1. RM says:

    Wow. Congratulations! I think you’ve found the very worst blurb about D-Wave on the web!
    Interestingly, the sentence that explicity mentions D-Wave is the most accurate one in the whole blurb.

  2. Peter Love says:

    Hi Dave,
    Its a market-driven customer-facing vertically-integrated solution: they built what senior executives need most.

  3. Joanna Pond says:

    Dear Mr Bacon
    This may be of interest:
    With best wishes
    Joanna Pond

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