D-wave Scattering

Da Optimizer makes it into Nature () with comments on D-wave. See, Nature publishes CS researchers! 🙂 Scott expresses the concern most researchers in quantum computing have with the hype:

“If it fizzles out,” he says, “people might say that quantum computing as a whole is just bunk.”

[For a picture of real D-wave scattering, see here.]

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3 Responses to D-wave Scattering

  1. Douglas Knight says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Da Optimized”?

  2. Chi says:

    Just had to comment Dave, I’ve been watching “Threshold” (how did I miss this?), and a) the bad guys are using a Quantum Encryption System so it could take a whole 10 hours to crack, and b) the techie gadget guy went to Caltech.

  3. Werner Eberlein says:

    I like this one: http://www.dvhardware.net/article17135.html because under “related products” you find Xbox and Playstation 2.

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