Been Around the World and I, I, I,…

Via pharyngula, via Carl Talk, via the The York Group, this interesting map
States equivalent GDPs
(Click for the full sized version.) Interesting, of course, because of my intense Americanocentrism! Heh, just kinding of course. No interesting because it shows how badly America needs to take a vacation to many of those countries listed 🙂

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  1. Hey! They must be kidding… Where’s Italy ? And France is not california… Or is it because of the vineyards ?
    I think a similar plot with the male and female brains divided in regions such as “Shopping” or “Beer” is more interesting though. Another thing that the map above reminds me is that it would be nice to have a thousand US students (say high school ones) draw a map of the world, and then coalesce them with a suitable algorithm into one single “US percepted” world map. How about it ?

  2. Italy has a GDP somewhere between France and Canada so you can chooose to be either California or Texas. If you’re not nice we’ll make you Texas.
    I like the idea of a map! But we will similarly get to take students from around the world and have them fill out the states of the US. Okay, so maybe our own students wouldn’t do so well on that one…

  3. Having US students draw the rest of the world, and then having students from other countries draw a map of states in the US isn’t really a fair comparison.
    It would be fairer if you asked US students to draw the chinese provences and Chinese students to draw the states.
    But really, I think having students from different countries sketch a map of the world would be quite informative.

  4. Depends on what you mean by “fair.” If we use “GDP” to measure “fair”, then the U.S. is about 1/4 the world GDP (nominal), so I think it is totally fair. Of course if you mean fair by the standards of “borders” then I’m pretty sure there are only a few people who can really identify all 190+ countries with any certainty. If you mean fair by “population”, then certainly your suggestion is spot on but we all really need to learn more about India 🙂
    In this traitorous world, nothing is true or false, all is according to the color of the crystal though which you look. 🙂

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