SQuInT 2007

My very favorite conference, the 9th anual SQuInT worshop, is going to be held at Caltech in February. Whoop, we can have quantum margaritas! Here is the announcement:

The Ninth Annual Workshop of Southwest Quantum Information and Technology (SQuInT) with be held on the Caltech campus, Pasadena CA, Februrary 16-18, 2007.
Invited Speakers:
Brian DeMarco (University of Illinois)
Dirk Bouwmeester (UC Santa Barbara)
Renato Renner (Cambridge)
Peter Zoller (Innsbruck)
Invited Tutorials:
Navin Khaneja (Harvard) “Quantum Control Theory”
Second Tutorial – TBA
The workshop web homepage is now available at

Note that researchers from outside of the network need to contact one of the organizers if they wish to attend (see the registration webpage).

4 Replies to “SQuInT 2007”

  1. A whole weekend with *ZERO* new comments on the Pontiff, the Shtetl, Fortnow, and Ars Mathematica.
    Optimists will say “it’s just the Thanksgiving Holidays,” but more canny folks will recognize that slow drop-offs in civilized communication often have a more sinister explanation. :;

  2. I’m sure you know by now that UW is the newfangledest member of the SQuInT Network. Back in October, Boris asked what it would take to “make it happen.” I told him that the selection process involved a long and tedious vetting period. Coincidentally, in the same time it took for me to utter such silliness, someone apparently logged into the SQuInT server and added UW to the list. 🙂

  3. Well it will be easy to pick out the UW SQuInTers. They will be the ones with a raincloud following them around and the first ones to finish their water when eating Mexican food 🙂

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