Pre-Dewiging Pictures

Last week, after going to Innsbruck, I attended the QIPC Workshop in London. The workshop was held at the Royal Society of London and the theme was “Physicists and Computer Scientists Unite!” Scott Aaronson and I were asked to open up the workshop, and, because we are two entirely shameless people we decided that the best way to do this was, given the locale, to replace the debate between physicists and computer scientists with an opening debate between Newton and Leibnitz. Scott has posted our opening dialogue here and the talk which followed it here. And, even more importantly, and to most embarass ourselves, I now present to you incriminating evidence (thanks Viv!) that Scott and I are indeed crazy enough to mock these two great scientists by wearing the appropriate attire:
Newton and Leibnitz 2
If you look closely at the following picture, you’ll see that Scott is on the ground groveling before Newton:
Newton and Leibnitz
And finally, here we make fun of a cookie name
Newton and Leibnitz 3

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3 Responses to Pre-Dewiging Pictures

  1. wolfgang says:

    So is it dewiging or dewigging?
    Unfortunately physicist and CS cannot even agree on this one 😎
    And this might be as important as the question about d versus .

  2. mick says:

    Did you visit Newton’s grave to pay homage?

  3. Dave Bacon says:

    We did visit Newton’s grave. Scott took an illegal picture of it!
    I almost wrote dewigging but decided I liked dewiging better for the reason that I hate, absolutely hate, double letters in words 🙂

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