QIPC Workshop Extended Registration

In a few weeks I’ll be heading over the pond to London to participate in the QIPC Workshop in London. Scott Aaronson and I will be kicking off the workshop with a talk entitled “What have I learned from physicists/ computer scientists and what else would I like to learn from them?” My goal will be to convince Scott that he may have learned something from physicists 🙂 Ha, right! Anyway, the registration deadline for the workshop has been extended. So register now!

Extended registration: Today is the last day for payment. We extend the registration till next Wednesday 4th October at 2pm. Please register on the web site in order to reserve your place for dinner. We need to know in advance how many dinners to order. You can pay the registration fee in cash on site during the first day of the workshop.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The FET QIPC proactive initiative together with the ERA Pilot QIST project and the following Committee: Artur Ekert (Chairman), Harry Buhrman, Philippe Grangier, Martin Plenio, Miklos Santha, Peter Zoller, Ian Walmsley, Goran Wendin are organizing
The 7th European QIPC Workshop on Quantum Information Processing and Communication
Physicists and Computer Scientists Unite!
October 13-14, 2006 The Royal Society London, UK
Registration is obligatory and can be done on the web site: http://www.qist-europe.net/QIPC-Workshop/
We have already 122 registered participants.
Please tell your colleagues about this event. You can still decide to join us!
We are looking forward to seeing you in London!

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  1. Alessandra Gatti says:

    I also plan to participate to QIPC workshop, but I did not manage to register online! (well, to be honest, I forgot about the deadline..)
    Today the web site is down, and I cannot get any information. Do you have any contact information (e-mail address or telephone number) where I can still try to tegister?
    Many thanks, indeed,

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