SQuInT 2006 Program

The SQuInT conference program is now available online. OK, I am totally biased, but SQuInT is still one of my favorite conferences. Why? Green chiles! Just kiding. It is one of my favorite conferences because it is one of the few remaining conferences where you still see a good mix of experimental and theoretical quantum computing work and a good mix of computer science and physics. Of course there will always be theoreticians who are bored by experimental talks, and experimentalists who are bored by the obtuse theoreticians. Similarly there will always be computer scientists who don’t care much for the physics and physicists who don’t much care for the computer science. But I got into this field exactly because it does allow me to see both of these worlds. If you ask what I have missed the most in the last few years in going to conferences is that I haven’t seen as much experimental physics as I used to see. I therefore find it awesome that SQuInT still strives for a mixture of the often difuse worlds of quantum information science.
On a related note QIP 2006 starts next week. I am sad that I won’t be able to attend, but I’m guessing you will get good coverage from Scott Aaronson on his blog Shtetl-Optimized.

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  1. JM Geremia says:

    Dave, I couldn’t agree with you more!

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