Posting has been nonexistent because I’ve been traveling. I’m now back from giving a lecture at the 4th biannual SQuInT student retreat, held at USC and organized by Todd Brun. I’ve been lucky enough to attend all four such retreats, once as a student, and three times as a lecturer (once as a graduate student, once as a postdoc, and once as whatever it is I am now 😉 .) This year I got the opportunity to lecture on quantum algorithms. I’ve put the contents of my slides online here.
The student retreat was a lot of fun, including a trip to the King Tut exhibit at LACMA. Unfortunately, my enjoyment was tempered by the nasty nasty cold I’ve come down with. I can’t hear anything out of my right ear. Bah!
SQuInT, by the way, stands for Soutwest Quantum Information and Technology Network. Yeah, someone must have been smoking something when they thought that one up 😉

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