FOCS 2005 Papers

The list of 2005 FOCS (46th Annual IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science ) accepted papers has been posted here. I see four quantum papers (out of 62, one to be announce). They are

“The Symmetric Group Defies Strong Fourier Sampling,” Cristopher Moore, Alexander Russell, and Leonard J. Schulman
“Cryptography in the Bounded Quantum-Storage Model,” Ivan Damgaard, Serge Fehr, Louis Salvail and Christian Schaffner
“Quantum Information and the PCP Theorem,” Ran Raz
“From optimal measurement to efficient quantum algorithms for the hidden subgroup problem over semidirect product groups,” Dave Bacon,Andrew M. Childs and Wim van Dam

I guess I can now officially call myself a “theoretical computer scientist.” Does this mean if someone says to me “Hermitian matrix” I cannot immediately follow with the words “diagonalize it”?

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