Mt. Eddy

On Friday, September 3, 2004 I ran up Mt. Eddy and tested out my new trail running shoes (spiffy black and red.) Mt. Eddy (9025 ft) is west of Mt. Shasta and offers some spectacular views of Shasta. I ran in from the Parks Creek summit(6850 ft) to the Deadfall lakes and then up to the top of Mt. Eddy. The run into the lakes was quite pleasant and I could keep a real good pace (considering that I always take too much water and so my hip pack was bouncing up and down quite amusingly.) The route up to the top was a bit more demanding and I couldn’t really run, but I was moving pretty fast. Also at this point the wind was absolutely furocious. Here is a picture of Mt. Eddy from upper Deadfall lake:
Mt. Eddy
And here is a picture of me (taken by myself, tricky, eh?) and Mt. Eddy
Self Portrait
On the way up it was very cold. In fact, amazingly, it had recently snowed. The evidence for this event in early September was not on the ground but in the trees:
A Cold Tree
Here is the top of Mt. Eddy.
On Top of Mt. Eddy
Not so spectacular, eh? But the view! Mt. Shasta, the Trinity Alps, the Marble Mountains, Castle Crags are all very spectacular from the top. Here is Mt. Shasta from the summit
Mt. Shasta from Mt. Eddy
On the way down, one of the people I passed asked if I was “training for something.” “Nope. Just having fun!” Whoop!

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5 Responses to Mt. Eddy

  1. Kaveh Kh. says:

    Maybe you should train for something also?

  2. ken says:

    Let’s see a photo of the shoes.

  3. matt brazer says:

    Can you see Lake siskyou from the top of mt eddy? Can you climb mt eddy in one day if your in moderatly good shape? I always wanted to hike that mtn….did you start from stuart springs rd….matt brazer eugene oregon.

  4. Seabre says:

    I have heard different mileage accounts from various sources. Is it 9 miles…7 miles? If you start at the PCT, does it end up being over 10 miles. Sounds like either distance is easily done in a day if you are experienced and in shape. For those in Eugene, if you can handle South Sister, or any of the Sisters, you won’t have a problem with Eddy. What you are training for is great health in old age.

  5. Mark Vice says:

    I love it!

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