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Ah, the Life of a Theorist

Nothing quite like staring out at the beautiful mountains of Innsbruck while Scott Optimizes and I Pontifficate. Dave: “Gee I wonder what the meaning of life is?” Scott: “That’s not a very precise question. Could you please state some conjecture … Continue reading

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Now this is what the view from every office should look like. I’m currently in Innsbruck, Austria visiting the Institut fur Quantenoptik und Quanteninformation. One of the few place in the world where you can study quantum computing and then … Continue reading

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On the Road Again

Last week I was in Boulder for a workshop on ion trap quantum computing. Basically nearly everyone who is working on ion trap architectures for quantum computing was there, which was pretty incredible. A highlight of the workshop, besides the … Continue reading

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SQuInTing at Pirates

This last weekend I attended two out of three days of the SQuInT conference in Albuquerque, NM. The conference, as usual, was stellar, and was rather large this year, with nearly 150 people! The only real draw back this year … Continue reading

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All My Bags Are Packed

After class today (literally) I head off on quite a journey. Albuquerque to Boulder to Seattle to Santa Barbara to Seattle to Santa Barabara to Seattle. Those Seattle waypoints? Laundry and getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Unfortunately I’ll be missing … Continue reading

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Last Trip

Last trip of the term visiting the Institute for Quantum Information at Caltech this week, my old stomping ground (for seven years!) Those who are bored might be interested in the talk I’m giving tomorrow for the IQI seminar. It … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween! Posting has been low because I’ve been visiting Isaac Chuang at MIT. There seems to be a very popular costume here at MIT for Halloween: everyone is dressed up as a science geek 😉

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The Gospel of Theoretical Computer Science

I’m in Pittsburgh this weekend for FOCS 2005. This is the first FOCS I’ve attended. This evening there was a panel discussion at the business meeting (free beer!) on “Exciting the public about (theoretical) Computer Science.” (Update: for a detailed … Continue reading

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Singapore Airport

I just couldn’t resist free internet access at 5am in the morning in the Sinapore Airport. Update: Nor could I resist internet access at the Tokyo airport.

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Flash, Boom!

Singapore. Nothing like a thunder storm at 2 am. I’m here to visit the Quantum Information Technology Group at the National University of Singapore, a.k.a. quantumlah. Their motto is “We do IT with qubits.” Which reminds me that I need … Continue reading

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