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Are we ready for Venture Qapital?

From cnet and via Matt Liefer, comes news of a new venture capital firm, known as The Quantum Wave Fund. According to their website: Quantum Wave Fund is a venture capital firm focused on seeking out early stage private companies … Continue reading

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Throwing cold water on the Quantum Internet

There has been a lot of loose talk lately about a coming “Quantum Internet”. I was asked about it recently by a journalist and gave him this curmudgeonly answer, hoping to redirect some of the naive enthusiasm: …First let me … Continue reading

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Now that's what I call self correcting

Apparently this is the year for breakthroughs in self-correcting computer hardware. After hearing about Jeongwan Haah’s new self-correcting topological quantum memory at QIP, I just learned, via BBC news, about a new type of (classical) self correcting circuit: one which … Continue reading

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dabacon.job = "Software Engineer";

Some news for the remaining five readers of this blog (hi mom!) After over a decade of time practicing the fine art of quantum computing theorizing, I will be leaving my position in the ivory (okay, you caught me, really … Continue reading

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Katamari Damacy Any Website

If you know what Katamari Damacy is, then you will love (The script was created by University of Washington students Alex Leone, David Nufer, and David Truong for the 2011 Yahoo HackU contest. See, dear physicists, the benefits of … Continue reading

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Namespace Conflict

Hmm, Qwiki or QWiki? Reminds me of my friend who named his company and then realized his name choice was a major concept in computer science.

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Book: The Myths of Innovation

Last week I picked up a copy of The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun. It’s a short little book, clocking in at 256 pages, paperback. The subject is, well, read the damn title of the book, silly! Berkun picks … Continue reading

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De Took Er DataBs Jrbs!

Over at Daily Speculations, Alan Corwin writes about database programming jobs that will never return. The gist of Alan’s piece is that the tools for databases are basically so turn-key and so easy that those who were trained to build … Continue reading Continue reading

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Who Needs Aircars When the Future Looks Like This?

My first real visceral realization of the non-commutative nature of driving a car was the first time I tried to parallel park and attempted to pull front end first into the space. Continue reading

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Steve Ballmer Talk at UW March 4, 2010

Today Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke at the University of Washington in the Microsoft Atrium of the Computer Science & Engineering department’s Paul Allen Center. As you can tell from that first sentence UW and Microsoft have long had very … Continue reading Continue reading

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