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21 = 3 * 7

…with high probability. That joke was recycled, and in recent work, Bristol experimentalists have found a way to recycle photonic qubits to perform Shor’s algorithm using only qubits. (Ok, so actually is was Kitaev who figured this out, as they … Continue reading

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Greg Kuperberg: a paladin fighting against the ogres of hype

Nothing much to add here, but Greg Kuperberg has an excellent article at Slate which clarifies the power and limitations of quantum computers. The article is brief, accessible, and highly accurate. The next time a science journalist contacts you for … Continue reading

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Haroche and Wineland win Physics Nobel

The physics prize was shared between experimentalists Serge Haroche and David Wineland, longtime leaders in the study of atom-photon interaction.  In recent decades both have honed their techniques to meet the challenges and opportunities opened by “quantum information science” which … Continue reading

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Throwing cold water on the Quantum Internet

There has been a lot of loose talk lately about a coming “Quantum Internet”. I was asked about it recently by a journalist and gave him this curmudgeonly answer, hoping to redirect some of the naive enthusiasm: …First let me … Continue reading

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Lucky 13 paper dance!

Having recently rediscovered, I thought I’d mention a few papers to come out of team UW. Two particularly exciting single-author papers are from students here. Kamil Michnicki has developed a 3-d stabilizer code on qubits with an energy barrier … Continue reading

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QIP 2013

QIP is in Beijing this time from Jan 21-25, 2013. And the call for papers has just been posted. Submission deadline for talks: October 5, 2012 Notification for talk submissions: November 9, 2012 Submission deadline for posters: November 16, 2012 … Continue reading

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Threading the needle of mathematical consistency

The latest round of the debate between Aram and Gil Kalai is now up over at Goedel’s Lost Letter. I realize that I’m preaching to the choir at this venue, but I thought I would highlight Aram’s response. He nicely … Continue reading

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QIP 2012 videos!

The long awaited videos from QIP 2012 are now online. Somewhat. If you see a video that you want that isn’t online, then tell the speaker to sign the release form! I’m looking at you Bravyi, Greiner, Landahl and Popescu! … Continue reading

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One of the more exciting prospects for near-term experimental quantum computation is to realize a large-scale quantum simulator. Now getting a rigorous definition of quantum simulator is tricky, but intuitively the concept is clear: we wish to have quantum systems … Continue reading

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Live-blogging QIP "2012"!

So far, this is all we got. Stay tuned!

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