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Quantum Information and Foundations at the APS March Meeting 2012

After John Preskill’s call for more quantum participation at the APS March Meeting, I couldn’t say no to a request for a blurb about quantum info and foundations! The following is a guest post by Giulio Chiribella. Following up the … Continue reading

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GQI needs you! — John Preskill guest blogs

The following post was written by John Preskill. I’m writing this guest post because I want all you quantum informationists to come to the American Physical Society 2012 March Meeting in Boston next February 27 through March 2. I’m telling … Continue reading

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Dial M for Matter

It was just recently announced that Institute for Quantum Information at Caltech will be adding an extra letter to its name. The former IQI will now be the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, or IQIM. But it isn’t the name change … Continue reading

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Let Eve do the heavy lifting, while John and Won-Young keep her honest.

Photon detectors have turned out to be an Achilles’ heel for quantum key distribution (QKD), inadvertently opening the door of Bob’s lab to subtle side-channel attacks, most famously quantum hacking, in which a macroscopic light signal from Eve subverts Bob’s … Continue reading

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Entangled LIGO

The quest to observe gravitational waves has been underway for several years now, but as yet there has been no signal. To try to detect gravitational waves, the LIGO collaboration basically uses huge kilometer-scale Michaelson-type interferometers, one of which is … Continue reading

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Stability of Topological Order at Zero Temperature

From today’s quant-ph arXiv listing we find the following paper: Stability of Frustration-Free Hamiltonians, by S. Michalakis & J. Pytel This is a substantial generalization of one of my favorite results from last year’s QIP, the two papers by Bravyi, Hastings … Continue reading

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TEDxCaltech Videos

Coming online now: See the Optimizer pontificate about P versus NP (now who can verify the Feynman quote at the beginning?) and two prestigious professors goof around:

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TEDxCaltech Streaming Link

TEDxCaltech streaming

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Consequence of the Concept of the Universe as a Computer

The ACM’s Ubiquity has been running a symposium on the question What is Computation?. Amusingly they let a slacker like me take a shot at the question and my essay has now been posted: Computation and Fundamental Physics. As a … Continue reading

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March Meeting Madness

The 2011 APS March meeting deadline for submission of abstracts is today.  Chris Fuchs writes with some stats about current submissions from the topical group on quantum information and in particular the number of quantum foundations talks (a list of … Continue reading

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