IICQI 2007

Want to go to Iran for a quantum computing conference? IICQI07, website here:

The first International Iran Conference on Quantum Information (IICQI) will be held at Kish Island 7-10 September 2007. The conference will feature the latest developments in theoretical and experimental quantum information science, feature talks by leading international researchers, and provide the opportunity for research discussions and collaborations between international and Iranian quantum information researchers.


A new conference: the First International Conference on Quantum Error Correction. QEC07 website here. Dec 17-21, 2007:

Quantum error correction of decoherence and faulty control operations forms the backbone of all of quantum information processing. In spite of remarkable progress on this front ever since the discovery of quantum error correcting codes a decade ago, there remain important open problems in both theory and applications to real physical systems. In short, a theory of quantum error correction that is at the same time comprehensive and realistically applicable has not yet been discovered. Therefore the subject remains a very active area of research with a continuing stream of progress and breakthroughs.
The First International Conference on Quantum Error Correction will bring together a wide group of experts to discuss all aspects of decoherence control and fault tolerance. The subject is at this point in time of a mostly theoretical nature, but the conference will include talks surveying the latest experimental progress, and will seek to promote an interaction between theoreticians and experimentalists.
Topics of interest include, in random order: fault tolerance and thresholds, pulse control methods (dynamical decoupling), hybrid methods, applications to cryptography, decoherence-free subspaces and noiseless subsystems, operator quantum error correction, advanced codes (convolutional codes, catalytic, entanglement assisted, …), topological codes, fault tolerance in the cluster model, fault tolerance in linear optics QC, fault tolerance in condensed matter systems, unification of error correction paradigms, self-correcting systems, error correction/avoidance via energy gaps, error correction in adiabatic QC, composite pulses, continuous-time QEC, error correction for specific errors (e.g., spontaneous emission), etc.

SQuInT 2007

My very favorite conference, the 9th anual SQuInT worshop, is going to be held at Caltech in February. Whoop, we can have quantum margaritas! Here is the announcement:

The Ninth Annual Workshop of Southwest Quantum Information and Technology (SQuInT) with be held on the Caltech campus, Pasadena CA, Februrary 16-18, 2007.
Invited Speakers:
Brian DeMarco (University of Illinois)
Dirk Bouwmeester (UC Santa Barbara)
Renato Renner (Cambridge)
Peter Zoller (Innsbruck)
Invited Tutorials:
Navin Khaneja (Harvard) “Quantum Control Theory”
Second Tutorial – TBA
The workshop web homepage is now available at

Note that researchers from outside of the network need to contact one of the organizers if they wish to attend (see the registration webpage).

IQING 5 Registration Open

Michael Bremner writes that registration for IQING 5 is now open (new website: http://iqoqi003.uibk.ac.at/users/x22440/IQING5)

The fifth Informal Quantum INformation Gathering (IQING 5) is taking place in Innsbruck on April 11 – 14 2007. IQING 5 will bring together young researchers working in the field of quantum information science so that they can discuss their research in an informal environment.
Junior postdocs, PhD students, and Diploma/MSc students working on theoretical or experimental quantum information science are invited to attend. All participants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for a presentation.
Registration is due by the 31st of December 2006 (midnight GMT). Notification of acceptance will be given by the 31st of January 2007.
The organizers anticipate that there will be a limited accommodation subsidy available for those who need it.
The organizers would like to thank the University of Innsbruck, IQOQI, QAP, and SCALA for supporting this workshop

Measurement-Based Conference

The fact that you can perform unitary quantum evolutions using simple (adaptive) measurements is, to a physicist, an unexpected result. Indeed, it could be that there is no unitary evolution in the universe, only measurements! If you’re interested in measurement based quantum computing, you might be interested in conference advertised below:

International Workshop on Measurement-based Quantum Computation (MBQC07)
St. John’s College, Oxford
18 – 21 March 2007
Measurement-based quantum computing (MBQC) is an active and rapidly growing area of research. The formalism of graph states (or cluster states) has proven to be a powerful way of describing the essential entanglement resources needed to perform quantum information processing tasks. Initially conceived for systems such as optical lattices and linear optical computing, this theory is now shaping the latest experimental proposals across the full spectrum of QIP technologies. A key theme of this workshop will be to foster dialog between theoreticians involved in MBQC and the experimentalists who are positioned to embrace and implement the new ideas.
Registration is open until November 30th and the number of participants will be limited to 50.

QIP 2007 Deadlines Approaching

Michel Nielsen passes along and email detailing the fact that the deadlines for QIP 2007, to be held in Brisbane, Australia, are fast approaching:

QIP 2007
The tenth QIP (Quantum Information Processing) Workshop is to be held in
Brisbane, Australia, from January 30 through February 3, 2007. QIP covers
theoretical aspects of quantum information science, including quantum
computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum information theory.
The deadline for abstract submission for contributed talks (long and
short) and for posters is 4 November, 2006.
The deadline for early bird registration is 24 November, 2006.
Some partial support available for students and postdocs will be available
(see the website).
Full details are available at the workshop website:
Links to past QIP workshops (including programs) are available at the
website. Note that this year’s program will follow a similar format to
QIP 2006, with approximately 10 invited talks, and 30 contributed talks.
Hope to see you in Brisbane in 2007!

I have to decide whether I’m going to be able to make it this year as I’m teaching Data Structures next term. Two years in a row missing QIP sounds really bad to me.

IQING 5, April 11-14, 2007 in Innsbruck, Austria

Michael Bremner (aka quantumbiodiscs), writing on behalf of the organizing committee, informs me about IQING 5 to be held in Innsbruck in April:

IQING 5 (first announcement):
IQING 5 (Informal Quantum INformation Gathering), will be held on
April 11 – 14 2007 in Innsbruck, Austria.
Like the previous incarnations of the IQING, IQING 5 is a workshop is intended for junior postdocs and research students working on either theoretical or experimental quantum information science. IQING 5 will
provide an informal environment where junior researchers can promote their work to their peers and discuss new directions in the field of quantum information science.
The organizing committee intends to have details for registration and submission available in October/November with the 1st of January as the deadline. For more information, please bookmark: http://www.iqoqi.at/events/conferences/iqing2007/

Alas it appears that I’m too old to attend! But luckily I get to visit Innsbruck in a few weeks.