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Rush Science

It looks like QIP talk accepts and rejects are out.  Sadly a piece of work I’ve been hacking on for a while didn’t make the cut (eventually it will make it’s way to the arXiv.)  But I did get one … Continue reading

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Doing My Part

Ryan Williams ACC. Which reminds me the other day a student of mine accidentally called coNP, coCP. Yep, turns out CP is a class. So the question is: will P versus NP be resolved before or after all two alphabetic … Continue reading

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Uniquity Symposium on "What is Computation?"

Readers of the Pontiff might be interested in a series of articles coming out in the ACMs Ubiquity publication concerning the question: “What is Computation?” Over the next 15 weeks the following articles will come out on this subject including … Continue reading

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It's the QIP Final Countdown

QIP 2011 submissions due October 14, 2010, lah. (Dear readers from Singapore, is there a comma before “lah”?) Not to be confused with the final sponge down. =========================== QIP 2011 – Call for submissions 14th workshop on Quantum Information Processing … Continue reading

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NRC CS Grad Ranking, Scientifically

NRC deranker. Scroll down to bottom for an explanation of the methodology.

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2010 MacArthur Awards

The 2010 MacArthur Fellows have been announced. Among them are a physics teacher, a quantum astrophysicist, an optical physicist, a biophysicist, and a computer security expert: Amir Abo-Shaeer Physics Teacher inspiring and preparing public high school students for careers in … Continue reading

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NRC (not really correct?) Graduate School Rankings

The NRC graduate school ranks are due out tomorrow, September 29. For those who don’t know, the last NRC ranking was in 1995 and the latest is much delayed (I.e. the “data” such as it is is already out of … Continue reading

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CS Theory Q&A Site in Public Beta

The “Theoretical Computer Science” Q&A site, aka TheoryOverflow, is now in public beta.  Now you can ask all those theoretical computer science questions that you’ve been putting off working on while you were watching the saga that has been…the Next … Continue reading

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More P vs NP

The Gray Lady on P vs NP with, crazily, a mention of this here blog. Totally not deserving of said mention, but the article is fun.

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PNP Hype

One of the most interesting things about the recent claim of a proof that P does not equal NP (see this post on the ice tea blog for a list of problems people are having with the proof, as well … Continue reading

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