Bacon Overload

Bacon has been overflowing my inbox. Some bits…
Hahaha: Email and Bacon.
Also: Kosher Fail.
Bringing home the bacon. I bring it home every night.
Your own Bacon Jesus. Someone to hear your prayers. Someone who cares (enough to harden you arteries.)
Then of course there is the double down. Always when you’ve got hard 11 unless the dealer is showing an ace.
Some food “ideas”: Smoked Bacon Wrapped Bacon and Bacon Egg Loaf. Bacon with a side of bacon, please.

My First Bacon

A bunch of you sent me

Like my father used to say when we’d cook Bacon: “Check your toes!”
Also, someone is addicted…to bacon salt. I tried it on popcorn and I have to say that I wasn’t hooked. But then again I like “Spike” on my popcorn.
And, on a not so safe for work bacon note (NUDITY IMPLIED?) Bacon Bra.
Finally here is what April fools day looked like for our household:
Now what can I think to do with a giant six foot Sonic? Hmm…

2010 Pi Day Contest

Scienceblogs and Serious Eats are teaming up this year for the 2010 Pi Day Bake-Off. I wonder if Mrs. Pontiff is up to defending her crown?

Quantum Bacon

And here I thought I was the king (err Pontiff) of quantum Bacon, but no: follow @kenfagerdotcom on twitter who describes himself as “Inventor of Quantum Bacon and accomplished lover.”