A Pocket Full of Quantum Woo

Clearly I’m in the wrong business, this pseudo-professor gig. I should be using quantum physics for mucho dinero! I found out that this is possible via a reader who pointed me to the woo-nderful A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi. I mean it must be a good book because it has 30 5 star reviews on Amazon (I love the smell of socks and puppets in the morning.)

Now I have not read this book. Yes, yes, I will admit that I am now going to write about a book that I have not read. So sue me (no don’t, please. Did I mention that the following is my opinion?)

The description of the book begins well enough:

In this age when the most powerful economy in the world is in recession and global markets are in turmoil, it wise to go back to the basics and see what went wrong. Was it the innate riskiness of derivatives and other complex financial instruments? Or the instability of the housing market and loans? Or maybe it was the aggregate greed of a horde of high-powered executives?

Not sure what an unstable loan is, but adjectives are finicky beasts, and thus so far so good. Continuing:

One thing is for sure: something definitely is wrong. Maybe it is how people look at money in the first place. Many believe that paper money is real, that it carries with it actual purchasing power. But in fact it is only legal tender almost a polite phrase for legal fiction and is just an invented symbol that allows the convenient exchange of goods and/or services.

Sweet: what follows next will be an argument about a return to the gold standard? Wait, no:

This insistence on going beyond appearances and into the real nature of things is one of the guiding principles espoused in David Cameron Gikandi’s A Happy Pocket Full of Money: Your Quantum Leap into the Understanding, Having, and Enjoying of Immense Wealth and Happiness. The subtitle is more than just a figure of speech this book shows how recent discoveries in theoretical physics are actually relevant in the creation of personal wealth.

See! Theoretical physicists FTW! But, uh:

Using a step-by-step approach and explained in straightforward language, A Happy Pocket Full of Money discusses these fascinating insights and lets readers see how their act of observation can actually affect that which is being observed a profound view with much bearing on those who want to create wealth.

Take a deep breath.

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