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For local Seattlites the following shameless self promotion message 🙂 Next Tuesday at 4pm I’m giving a talk in the Physics department (C421 Physics/Astronomy Building) for the Condensed Matter and Atomic (CMA) Physics Seminar. The title of the talk is “When Physics and Computer Science Collide: A Cross Cultural Extravaganza” and the abstract is

In 1994 Peter Shor discovered that computers operating according to quantum principles could efficiently factor integers and hence break many modern cryptosystems. Since this time researchers from disciplines–physics, computer science, chemistry, and mathematics–have been engaged in building an entirely new discipline now known as quantum information science. Being a highly interdisciplinary endeavor, quantum information science requires not just mastery of physics or of computer science, but an ability to take insights from both fields across the cultural divide. In this talk I will discuss how physicists can contribute to the computer science side of quantum computing and how computer scientists can contribute to the physics side of quantum computing via a series of vignettes taken from research in my group here at UW.

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2 Responses to Talk Next Week

  1. andy.s says:

    Dave: I’d like to see the talk (if I can play hooky from work). Do you have a version of it on arxiv or elsewhere in case I can’t make it?

  2. Dave Bacon says:

    Hey Andy I put (almost) all of talks onto the website after I give them. Click on the talk tab above after Tuesday and you should find it (first talk of 2007…an entire month without a talk, wow, I didn’t think it was possible!)

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