It from noisy bit

You should really write something.

I mean why?

Well, it would keep your writing skills sharp.

I remember back to a large humanities professor’s office. Books, no sign of the shelfs. Probably there was Melville on the desk.

“Your thesis. You actually write quite clearly now.”

Wondering how bad I had started from. I guess that’s why I added the literature major. And now how this story must be told through the dullness of atrophied skills.

Maybe start with something you are thinking about?

As if my ideas make any sense, even to me.


I’m thinking lots about encoding.

Quantum error correction?

No, not really. More existential. Deep down there is a churning broiling sea of noise and stochastic evolution. None of those lower bits last long, their transient, barely deserving the moniker of bit.

And yet I, me, this someday stable collection of memories, computations, behaviors, something that looks like the cold hardness of digital, of one state, seems to emerge.

It can be quite disorienting.

See you wrote something.

Well it was a try.

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