Some Spiffy Physics Dudes

Howard Barnum passes along this link to a home video of the 5th Solvay conference held in 1927. It was at this conference that Heisenberg and Born delivered a paper in which they said

We regard quantum mechanics as a complete theory for which the fundamental physical and mathematical hypotheses are no longer susceptible of modification.

17 of the 29 participants in this Solvay conference were current or future Nobel prize winners.

The home video gives evidence that physicists have alway been jovial joking hams for the camera.

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  1. mick says:

    That is a cool link… They all dress a lot better than we do nowdays. I can’t imagine too many QI theorists rocking up to a conference in full suit-and-tie get up… Where were the all t-shirts, sneakers, and torn jeans?

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