Back to Life, Back to Reality

Oh where, oh where, has the Quantum Pontiff gone? The Quantum Pontiff has gone to the glaciers:
Dave Bacon in Glacier National Park

The last few weeks have been hectic: fly from Santa Fe to Los Angeles. Then drive from Los Angeles to home in Yreka (on the Oregon, California border.) Next I drove up to Portland with my mom and sister for medical junk. Then I drove up to Missoula, Montana and then camping in Glacier and Yellowstone Parks followed by a night in Bozeman, Montana. After getting thoroughly soaked in the parks, it was off to Banff for a workshop at the Banff International Research Centre where I gave a talk and got to go hiking nearly every afternoon. Next was the long, 23 hour drive home from Banff to Santa Fe, via a night spent in the metropolis of Sheridan, Wyoming. Over 3300 miles driven, 8 states and 1 provence crossed, and I swear that if I have to drive my car again in the near future I’m going to go insane!

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  1. Joe Renes says:

    welcome back!

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