Benasque 2009

I’ve never made it to Benasque, and am always profoundly jealous of those who have gone:

Dear Colleague,
We are pleased to inform you that following a very successful editions of Benasque 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, and 2007, we are organizing another workshop of the similar type in June 2009. This is to invite you to apply using the electronic form that you can find on the website specified below. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible and not later than the end of March 2009. The number of participants at the Benasque Centre at any given time is limited to about 50. We will do our best to accommodate most of the applicants,however, in some cases we may be unable to find suitable time slots for all of them, i.e. we cannot guarantee acceptance.

Budget permitting, we expect to offer a modest allowance to some participants. Preference will be given to those staying for the whole duration of the workshop.

We do hope to see you in Benasque!

Ignacio Cirac and Artur Ekert

Title: Quantum Information
Venue: Benasque in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Date: The 3 week period 7– 27 June 2009.
Registers at:

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  1. Ian Durham says:

    Ditto. Benasque sounds like the type of conference I had hoped the Gordon Conference would be like (the latter did not quite meet my expectations). I wish I had the money to attend.

    If anyone who reads this blog does actually plan to attend, an article for The Quantum Times would be most welcome. E-mail me if you feel the urge to write about your experience.

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