D-Wave News

D-Wave Systems, those crazy Vancouverites trying to build a quantum computer, have a new CEO:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, May 9 /CNW/ – D-Wave, developer of the world’s most advanced computers, has appointed Silicon Valley technology executive and entrepreneur Herbert J. Martin as chief executive officer.

Which makes me dream of the day when I will be able to include in my grant proposal a request for dollars to buy a quantum computer.

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2 Responses to D-Wave News

  1. Ron says:

    I am not sure whether this is actually a good sign or a not so good sign… Does anyone have some background information on that?

  2. Geordie says:

    It’s a good sign. Herb is a top caliber CEO. Someone with his experience, background and success rate wouldn’t join the company if the technology wasn’t already working. Building working machines is necessary but not sufficient to build a successful business. History is littered with cool technologies that have failed in the marketplace.

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