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“We are in a box,” says me. “Do you see some radium hooked up to a crazy steampunk device with skulls and crossbones and yellow, definitely yellow, but maybe also neon green or wavey blue?” says Qubitslets. “No I think … Continue reading

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Tap. Tap. Tap.

Is this thing on?

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The open access wars

Vox has just published an excellent article on open access scientific publishing, “The open access wars“. While that is too provocative of a title, the article still manages to give an accurate assessment of the current state of play. Although … Continue reading

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Open Thread for discussing the term "Quantum Supremacy"

This is an open thread in case anyone wants to discuss the merits and demerits of using the term “quantum supremacy”.

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Quantum in the wild

Sometimes quantum appears out of nowhere when you least expect it. From the September 2, 2018 edition of the New York Times Magazine.

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Can pontiffs un-retire (un-renunciate)?  I mean, I retired from being a pontiff way before it was cool.  But now the sweet siren call of trying to figure out whether there is really a there there for noisy intermediate scale quantum … Continue reading

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Hazards of "Shut up and calculate"

Three quantum physicists show why no interpretation is the worst.

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Cosmology meets Philanthropy — guest post by Jess Riedel

My colleague Jess Riedel recently attended a conference  exploring the connection between these seemingly disparate subjects, which led him to compose the following essay.–CHB People sometimes ask me what how my research will help society.  This question is familiar to … Continue reading

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LTCM Video

Via MarketSci blog, Eric Rosenfeld talks about the collapse of LTCM at MIT. Funny I can’t find in any MIT literature an advertisement for the fact that 2/3s of LTCM had MIT roots? (Caltech, snarky snark snark) Continue reading

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Technical Analysis as an Indicator

Personally I’m very skeptical of technical analysis, but that’s just because I am skeptical of easy answers. But try to parse this article over at bloomberg titled “Stock Charts Fail Forecast Test in Complete S&P Miss.”

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