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Should Papers Have Unit Tests?

Perhaps the greatest shock I’ve had in moving from the hallowed halls of academia to the workman depths of everyday software development is the amount of testing that is done when writing code. Likely I’ve written more test code than … Continue reading

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Why I Left Academia

TLDR: scroll here for the pretty interactive picture. Over two years ago I abandoned my post at the University of Washington as a assistant research professor studying quantum computing and started a new career as a software developer for Google. … Continue reading

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Science Code Manifesto

Recently, one of the students here at U. Sydney and I had the frustrating experience of trying to reproduce a numerical result from a paper, but it just wasn’t working. The code used by the authors was regrettably not made … Continue reading

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Q-circuit v2.0

Many readers are familiar with the LaTeX package called Q-circuit that I coauthored with Bryan Eastin. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a set of macros that helps make typesetting quantum circuits easy, efficient and (reasonably) intuitive. ┬áThe … Continue reading

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Penrose reviews Hawking and Mlodinow’s new book The Grand Design. Kim sends along a link to a classic telescope catalogs and manuals Mason Porter, after an inspiring talk with Aaron Clauset and Michelle Girvan (a not uncommon circumstance with these … Continue reading

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