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Quantum Advantage

Update (22 May 2017): This Scirate thread seems to have touched a nerve. Since this was previously buried in the comments here, it’s worth promoting to the top of the post. I think that “quantum computational supremacy” addresses the concern. Basically, we use … Continue reading

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Seattle for QIPers

QIP 2017 is coming to Seattle, hosted by the QuArC group at Microsoft, January 16-20 (with tutorials on the 14th and 15th). If you have some spare moments, maybe you arrive early, or maybe you are planning for the afternoon … Continue reading

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Self-correcting Fractals

A really exciting paper appeared on the arxiv today: A proposal for self-correcting stabilizer quantum memories in 3 dimensions (or slightly less), by Courtney Brell. It gives the strongest evidence yet that self-correcting quantum memories are possible in “physically realistic” three-dimensional … Continue reading

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QIP 2015

The website is up for QIP 2015, which will be held this year in beautiful Sydney, Australia. Here is a timeline of the relevant dates: Submission of talks deadline: Sep 12, 2014 Submission of posters deadline: Oct 25, 2014 Decision on talks … Continue reading

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QIP 2014 accepted talks

This Thanksgiving, even if we can’t all be fortunate enough to be presenting a talk at QIP, we can be thankful for being part of a vibrant research community with so many different lines of work going on. The QIP … Continue reading

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Scientific Birthdays –Toffoli gate honored on namesake’s 70’th

Tommaso Toffoli’s 3-input 3-output logic gate, central to the theory of reversible and quantum computing, recently featured on a custom cake made for his 70’th birthday. Nowadays scientists’ birthday celebrations often take the form of informal mini-conferences, festschrifts without the … Continue reading

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4 Pages

Walk up to a physicist at a party (we could add a conditional about the amount of beer consumed by the physicist at this point, but that would be redundant, it is a party after all), and say to him or … Continue reading

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This is a rare gem: Four lectures on quantum mechanics by Paul Dirac… on YouTube! Here’s the first one. Also, the Q+ online lecture series continues to go strong, bringing in a steady stream of high-quality speakers. This month constitutes … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Discord Bubble

The following is a guest post by Marco Piani. A couple of months ago Steve wrote a post on “the discord bubble“. Let me try to provide a summary of his post and of his thoughts. There have been too … Continue reading

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Who should blog in 2013?

The quantum theory blogosphere has seen some great new additions this year: The Caltech IQIM blog, Quantum Frontiers Thomas Vidick, MyCQstate Miguel Navascues, Schoedinger’s Rat But this is not enough! Our researchers are legion. And so must it be with … Continue reading

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